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Current LVC Working Members:

D Wulf - General manager and head of the musical department.

Arden Vanyr Levesque - Head of the written arts department.

Kat Bellman - Head of the visual arts department.

Jimmi H. - Talent scout.

About The Lolita Vulgar Collective

          The Lolita Vulgar Collective was started in 2003 as Lolita Vulgar Records, to handle the work of Neo Geisha and other Durham based music projects. Lolita Vulgar Records closed its doors in 2006, yet was revived in late 2010 with a new idea in mind; an arts collective.

          The Lolita Vulgar Collective (LVC), handles all art disciplines, and is based in Toronto (Ontario), Clarington (Ontario), and Montreal (Quebec). We are currently looking for those who wish to join the LVC, and bring your artistic style to the mixing pot.

          If you wish to join, please contact us at Lolita.vulgar @gmail.com, or send us a message on one of our many social media sites.

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