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       Born within the German Empire under the Holy Roman Empire (now Rottweil, Germany) in 1433; D spent the next five hundred and fifty three years traveling the world, and experiencing all this Earth had to offer. In 1986 she settled in Scarborough, Ont. Canada, and started life a-new. In 1995, she formed her first band in the company of a handful of local musicians and students, called Burning Bulldogs, after the mascot of the local school. Where she was the drummer and lead vocalist, they played their own style of proto-punk, riddled with Iggy Pop and David Bowie references. This musical project was short lived, and only ever preformed a few small shows before splitting up, but this experience is what fuelled D's love for creating and playing music.

       The next half of the decade was mainly quiet, save for D moving from the bustling city to a smaller community East of Toronto; Clarington. Here she took more of an interest in nature, and the wilderness present in her back yard, as well as a renewed interest in the blues and folk music she had experienced in the past.

       Clarington is where her second band was formed, Acid Burn; a sludge-metal cover band, mainly influenced by the Louisiana based band Acid Bath. She acted as the vocalist until they broke up within a year or two of their formation.

       In 2002 she formed two bands; Incorrect Submission and Bad Wolf, with two others she had met through a common friend. They recorded one demo tape, but never played a show before both bands went on hiatus. This hiatus was caused by one member moving away for school, and the other shortly after moving away as well.

       Within the next short amount of time, the Lolita Vulgar record label was created to handle work done by D's new band, Neo Geisha. She saw this band as her child, and put all mental and physical efforts into creating for it. Neo Geisha was inspired by the concept of a revival in artisan culture, played a variety of genres, and mainly took influences from Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Visual Kei, and First Wave Gothic Rock. By the time the clock chimed into the year 2006, the band had already started to deteriorate, and the majority of the band members, who had refused to put any time or dedication into the project, were asked to leave. This was the unfortunate demise of Neo Geisha.

       D and the former lead guitarist of Neo Geisha formed the short lived band The Tower, which played a mix of metal, but never played any shows before disbanding.

       Over the next few years the original D1433 solo project (Autopsy of an Empire) was created, creating lo-fi Gothic Rock and experimental music, as well as D putting more attention into her writing, and photography. As her health had been continually declining since the early 2000's, she took this time off from working with others, and became a known recluse.

       Trying to strike away from her self imposed seclusion, she sought out the former keyboard player of Neo Geisha to form a new musical project. The original idea for this project was a mix of Desert Rock, and Stoner Metal, but when a second guitarist was asked to join, this idea was scrapped. Over the next year this project had three different incarnations; first as The Sex Offenders, which played Punk and Shock Rock, second as Spank Access which played Old School Punk, and third as Luna Underground which played Punk, Alternative Rock, and New-Wave. These bands all quickly disbanded because of the members' collective drug addictions.

       Through this time, D had been communicating through letters with an old friend from Toronto, who had years ago had a similar musical view as the one D had for Neo Geisha, so around this time D became the second official guitarist of the band Mortiferous Grace. They took inspiration from centuries past in European culture, which gave way to a very unique musical style. They played a mix of Visual Kei, Progressive Rock, Neo-Classical, and Dark Cabaret. Because of the member's other obligations, this band also soon after disbanded, before finishing the recording of their first album.

       This was a time of mental and artistic blockage for D, who did not create anything for quite a long time. Eventually she was invited to join a one off project called Sisters of Transformation with an old friend, who wanted to put a project together to play music at the Toronto Pride events. After the job was done, the project ended.

       Seeking to recapture the influence and inspiration she had experienced in the past, D chose again to travel, and headed to Montreal in 2009. Taking nothing more than was needed, she spent her time there exploring the city by night, and conversing with people by day. Here she became a member of the alternative fashion label Mon Dieu Atelier, and worked as their official model and secondary manager. Missing home, she left Montreal, and Mon Dieu Atelier, returning home to a slight lift in her writers block.

       Back home, and inspired she started her Ruin and Rebirth photography project, as well as a new and revised solo musical project. Still feeling as if something more was needed, she contacted her former band mates from Incorrect Submission and Bad Wolf; the hiatus for both bands ended, and recording and writing began a-new. Lolita Vulgar records was also revived, but this time as the Lolita Vulgar Collective; which was envisioned as a art collective spanning all artistic disciplines, and no longer just music.

       D is now currently living in Bowmanville, and continues to work with Incorrect Submission and Bad Wolf, as well as continuing her second solo project (Secondhand Daylight) and photography projects(Ruin and Rebirth, and Intimacy Issues). She is still writing, and will be publishing her first book of poetry and prose within the next five years.

- Written by Momo Sato, edited by Arden.

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